The fable on the Mesón del Mar

I recently read a phrase that said: “Working hard for something that does not interest us is called stress. Working hard for something we love is called passion.” When you have a passion for something, commitment comes in addition, dedication is present, responsibility, effort, thrust, discipline, sacrifice, glitter in the eyes… all this comes standard. And when you have someone with that sparkle in your eyes, when you have that person in front of you that you know that nothing is going to stop him because he has a special inner strength that gives him his passion, when that passion mixes with what he knows how to do, with What the market needs and what you can capitalize on… then you know that the adventure you are about to undertake can only end well. Because that person has a purpose. And when the purpose is found, half the success is assured.

I thought that, to be a good innkeeper, it was enough to know how to be a waiter.
I realized that it was not like that. To be an entrepreneur, it seems enough to know how to start a business and execute a business plan. That is not so either. The keys are somewhere else. They are rather in us. In my example of hospitality for me was called professional development. In entrepreneurship is called passion.

There is a chinese proverb that says “a man who does not smile should not open a store”. Really, what it means is that a man without passion, should not undertake.

Thank you for supporting my great professional passion, which is neither more nor less than the restaurants I run. The satisfaction is enormous when you see that thanks to your customers and a team very prepared and passionate you achieve professional happiness, and therefore, personal happiness.